Monday, February 14, 2011

Baking Clay

It is so exciting to arrive at work and see the beautiful Frida in the the studio with her humongous gloves on.  I know what this means, and I am anxious with anticipation. We hoard around the kiln like little children waiting for a cake to come out the oven, except this huge oven has been cooking my newest creations......will they have survived the final firing?! YES! The results are better this time. Ceramics are so unpredictable I can never tell if it is a result of me improving or just pure luck.  Whatever the reason I am happy with todays outcome. Earrings, brooches, and pendants in this lot.  Will add photos once the jewellery making is finished.

In the meantime here's a little sample of the wall hangings.

Porcelain Cloud Wall Hangings


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