Saturday, February 26, 2011

Warrandyte Pottery Expo

I ventured out to the pottery expo in Warrandyte today.  It is such a cute little town.  Driving around those winding bends envoked many memories of my childhood growing up in Kinglake not too far away.  It's amazing that within less than an hour we can be transported from the inner city buzz and out into the beautiful green hills.  It is sad that we don't embrace this opportunity more often. I had a lovely afternoon wandering around with Frida. Not only did we enjoy the great talent on display at the pottery expo but we also enjoyed rummaging in op shops (and really overpriced city op shops in no way compare to these small little rural gems) and soaking in the peace in a cute little cafe called 'roundabout cafe'...... (yes in case you haven't worked it out it is located near the roundabout.

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